2010 – 2017: Quality assessment consultant: Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities, Government of Ontario, Canada, reviewed seven colleges to date.

2015-16: Training trainers and program evaluation, Arab Gulf University, Bahrain

2013 Program evaluation and development of training proposal, Ministry of Education, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.             

2008-2014 : Providing training, needs assessment and evaluation services to Study Centre Network, Ministry of Education, Norway.

2007: Republic of Mozambique. Provide training and evaluation services to Ministry of Education and Culture.

1996-2003: World Bank Human Development Group, Washington D.C.

*                 Member of Education and Technology Team. Advising and contributing to formulation and implementation of World Bank policy on distance education. Subsequently the Bank set up a distance education program and a knowledge network on distance education.

*                 Conceptualizing, advising, and assisting in developing the Global Distance Education Network (GDENet), part of the World Bank’s Knowledge Management System. GDENet provides policy makers and practitioners with information on technological, pedagogical, organizational, and policy issues related to setting up and running distance education systems.

World Bank: Latin America and Caribbean Sector

*                 Member  appraisal mission team for Fundescola project: Ministry of Education and Culture, Government of Brazil.

*                 Advising and assisting Brazilian Ministry of Education and Culture in setting up a delivery system, designing courses, and training learner support personnel for a professional development program for 27,000 teachers in 15 states.

*                 Member  assessment team, Peru Ministry of Education Distance Education project. 

 Secretaria de Estado da Educáö de Minas Gerais, Brazil

*                 Advising and assisting in PROCAP and PROCAD, professional development programs for 90,000 teachers; setting up a delivery system, designing courses, and training learner support personnel.

World Bank: Human Resources Group

*                 Advise and assist in design of Currency Options Course, first distance learning course for World Bank personnel.

*                 Advise and assist in designing teleconference programs for Currency Options course; advise and train personnel for teleconference instruction.

World Bank: External Affairs Dept. (in association with UNESCO)

*                 Advising various distance education initiatives in Moscow and in particular Russia’s National Training Foundation regarding distance education policy.

*                 One-month mission to advise South African government’s Investigating Team on Technology Assisted Education and to facilitate development of Telematics for African Development Consortium

Arab Republic of Egypt. Ministry of Education

*                 Member of mission to advise on structure of a national distance learning program for teacher training.

Romanian National Office 

*                 Advise and assist Ministry of Education and Research, Romania in design of  national system of in-service training of teachers using distance education.


*                 Advisor on design and development of distance education training program for IMF clients worldwide.

*                 Provided training of subject specialists

*                 Provided evaluation of training programs


*                 Chair, editorial group to transfer management of content of Global Distance

Education Network (GDENet) from World Bank to COL June 2001-Sept. 2002

*                 Consultant on revision of COL five year strategic plan (Oct. 2000)

2001 – 2003: UNESCO

*                 Chair of international team to design  distance  education course for training  educators in use of Information and Communication technologies in developing and emerging economies. “ICTs for Higher Distance Education in SubSaharan Africa.  

First applications of the course were in Tanzania  and South Africa.

*                 Co-Chair with Prof. Alan Tait, of  international team to  write  “Open and Distance Learning: Prospects and Policy Considerations”.


*                 Advise and provide training for use of distance education in training UNFPA personnel.


 *          2010 – Present: Quality assessment consultant: Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities, Government of Ontario, Canada.

*          2015 – External evaluator, Athabasca University, Alberta, Canada.

*          2015: External examiner and program evaluator, Arabian Gulf University, Bahrain.

*          2012: Visiting Professor, Universidad del Salvador, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

*                 2008-09 Visiting Fellow, Cambridge University England, St. Edmund’s College. 

*                 2008-09. Visiting Professor, Institute of Educational Technology, the Open University, United Kingdom. 

*                 2000-2003 Guest professor in Oldenburg/ University of Maryland “Foundations of Distance Education” course, 

*                 2006-09 External examiner for University of Plymouth, U.K and Virginia Tech

University, USA., The Open University; Higher Education and Training Awards Council,


*                 2004- Present. Member International Advisory Board, Open University of Catalania, Barcelona, Spain. 

*                 2006 – Present. Honorary Professor, Shanghai Open University, China. 

*                 External assessor for faculty appointments include: U.K Open University; Bar-Ilan University, Israel; University of Hong Kong; Memorial University Canada ; Athabasca University, Canada