Graduate Courses Developed and Taught:

Three graduate level courses in distance education, believed to be the first in the USA have been taught continuously since 1987, usually by audio or video conference to multiple locations and since 2000 by World Wide Web, among the first to be offered by Penn State’s World Campus. They are:

ADTED 470 Introduction to Distance Education.

ADTED 531 Course Design and Development in Distance

ADTED 532 Research and Evaluation in Distance Education.

Other courses developed and taught include:

ADTED 597A: Distance Education in the Corporate Sector.

ADTED 597B: Theories of Distance Education

ADTED 597C: Issues in Distance Education

Other courses taught include:

ADTED 460: Introduction to Adult Education

ADTED 507: Research and Evaluation in Adult Education

ADTED 510: Historical and Social Issues in Adult Education

ADTED 506: Teaching Adults

ADTED 520: Administration of Adult Education

ADTED 588: Research Seminar

Michael Moore’s student evaluations since he joined Penn State in 1986 have been entirely in the 5 to 7 range on a 7 point scale.